Fâneries Musicales de Reims

24th edition
from 22 June to 12 July 2013

A new start

... with an expert in music

Flaneries de Reims`

Obviously, the management team of the Flâneries musicales de Reims ("Reims Musical Wanderings" – a classical music festival in the north-eastern city of Paris) was happy to present the results of the last summer festival.


"The Flâneries musicales de Reims are back on track. Within a few months, president Jean-Louis Henry and new artistic director Jean-Philippe Collard succeeded in giving new momentum to the festival, while demonstrating how important it is for the people of Reims.
The local authority has expressed its satisfaction through its councillor for cultural affairs. "Congratulations," said Serge Pugeault, who went as far as considering "replicating this success to other institutions!" The local authority remains the main financial sponsor of the Flâneries but patrons also play a significant role with nearly a quarter of the global budget. As far as private funding of festivals is concerned, this is one of the best examples in France. And despite the challenging economic conditions, the contribution of businesses has actually increased.
For the 2013 season, Jean-Philippe Collard will focus on three aspects: the expansion of concert venues to other towns in the greater Reims area, increased collaboration with the Regional Music Conservatory, to which the Flâneries should be a real stepping stone, and greater public visibility for the festival." (L'Union)